How to be a Spiral Distributor

  1. Be an active member to Spiral
  2. Deposit of RM2,800. Now RM1,000 ONLY
  3. Dedicated Dewan Undangan Negeri area
  4. Willing to distribute to members
  5. Selling products on behalf of Spiral
  6. Complete the purchase once collecting payment
  7. Deposit all sale amounts to Spiral
  8. Eligible to receive 40 boxes of products or its equivalent
  9. Receiving additional stock without payment upon stock minimal level
  10. Eligible to receive 5% of sale amount
  11. Additional 3% for self-collection of stock
  12. Additional 1% of the sales amount after achieving RM40,000 monthly sale amount
  13. Additional 2% of the sales amount after achieving RM100,000 monthly sale amount
  14. Able to push sale amount of at least RM10,000 per month after 3 months grace period
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